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I live in a wonderful country. Many people know this country as the outback but it’s not all that it has beautiful beaches with white sand. We have beautiful bushes that hold koalas, kangaroos and other beautiful animals. My country is known for Vegemite, meat pies and bbqs. We have two famous icons a harbour bridge and an opera house which are from the same city. Can you guess the country I live in if not I’ll give you two more clues. My country is in the commonwealth and our colours are green and gold for sporting events. If you think you know what country I live in please leave a comment. Now I will tell you about my region. I live in port stephens. It is filled with lovely beaches and surrounded by water. It is a great holiday destination as there are wonderful things to see and do here. I love my country and Port Stephens.australia

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5 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Dear Kendal,
    I’ve always wanted to visit australia. The outback looks like such a wonderful place. There is a replica of the Sidney Opera house In Kansas City. We have Really famous barbecue in Kansas City ourselves. I’ve tried vegamite myself but I didn’t really like it. Have you ever tried peanut butter? You live in Australia right?

  2. Hi Paul
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have heard of peanut butter and I sort of like peanut butter I don’t. My country is Australia. The outback is a great place even though I don’t live near it


  3. Hi Casey
    What sort of things to you like doing. I love swimming, netball, I play the flute, I like long distance running about 9 km. I like creative writing and english at school . I basically love all sports and anything to do with sports
    From Kendall

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