The blog game

For challenge 7 I have been doing the blog challenge.

1st I landed on Kenya– posts are very detailed and interesting

2nd- Alice– Likes swimming, one of my comment buddies

3rd- Mia -likes the same things I like, very interesting

1st- Emma- detailed

2nd-Beatrice- blog

3rd-Mary- videos

When it’s appropriate to use photos on your blog

It is okay to use photos on your blog as long as you don’t do these things.

If theres a photo of you never put your name, birthday, phone number or any other personal information under your photo.

Put appropriate photos on your blog here are some examples of not appropriate photos. violence or swearing, rude words, photos of other people that aren’t allowed to have their photo on the Internet.

Make sure if your using another person photo give recignition to that person.

Where I Live

I live in a wonderful country. Many people know this country as the outback but it’s not all that it has beautiful beaches with white sand. We have beautiful bushes that hold koalas, kangaroos and other beautiful animals. My country is known for Vegemite, meat pies and bbqs. We have two famous icons a harbour bridge and an opera house which are from the same city. Can you guess the country I live in if not I’ll give you two more clues. My country is in the commonwealth and our colours are green and gold for sporting events. If you think you know what country I live in please leave a comment. Now I will tell you about my region. I live in port stephens. It is filled with lovely beaches and surrounded by water. It is a great holiday destination as there are wonderful things to see and do here. I love my country and Port Stephens.australia

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Why You Should Visit My Blog

You should visit my blog because you can learn from it. If you have the same interests as me you will like it but even if you don’t you will still find things interesting and you might learn that I also like some of the things you also like. You can learn what I do and our class does in class subjects I like, sports and games I enjoy or even what I did on the weekend. You can learn new things that you have never heard of or just things that can add to your knowledge. You can see other student blogs and class blogs I like to read and find interesting. If you like my blog please leave a comment and if you have a blog please write your blog address so I can see what you like and enjoy and maybe I can learn new things too.

Our School Fete

On Saturday at 10.00 we had a school fete. There were stalls, rides and games. There were rides like jumping castles, spinning chairs, rock climbing, bungee jump. There was heaps of stalls like a tombola stall, mystery bottle stall, face painting, hair spray stall, cake stall, plant stall. There was also performances throughout the day like the school choir, dance teams and bands. I was in all of these so I had too be there all day. There were other performances as well like dance companies, Bagpipes and highland dances. When you were tired you could grab a coffee and cake and watch the performances. There were games there too knock em down which you had to knock a funny picture of a teacher down and heaps more. Our school raised over $20,000 altogether. Overall I had a fantastic day with my friends.


cool maths games

cool maths games is a website for all primary students to use. You can play fun games or maths games. It is a popular website for all types of people to use. The best thing about it is that you can learn while you’re having fun. Hope you have fun on cool maths games. I give cool maths games a 4 star rating

why my dad is the best dad in the world

My dad is the best dad in the world. He is loving, caring, understanding, he can help me with anything and loves to run swim and cook.

My dad is loving and caring. He shows that when he is supporting me and playing around with me and he loves having cuddles with me.

He loves to run, swim, cook.

 He is very persistent, resilient and confident. This reflects on me.

He is very successful at his job and business.

As you can see my dad is the best dad in the world and has achieved many business and personal goals. I think my dad is the best dad in the world. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!

Morisset Camp

Last Wednesday at 9.00 we set off for Morisset camp. It was an 1 hour and 40 minute drive there. When we got there we found out our groups. I was in group 2 and our rooms and who was in our room. First we had morning tea. Then we set off for our first activity I had archery it was fun. Next we had lunch we had lasagna and salad. We then went to the 100m flying fox which was really fun but I got stuck and couldn’t get myself down. It was then time to have our showers and then dinner. For dinner we had chicken and vegetables. After dinner we had games and then we got into groups and played little games like minute to win it. Some games included flick a ping pong ball off a bottle without the bottle falling over, climb round a table without touching the ground and heaps more. We then made our way to the campfire with hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows. While Pom Pom told a really scary story that was half true. We then got ready for bed and lights out were at 10.00pm. Everyone was scared from the scary story and some people were even crying. People didn’t go to sleep for a long time as people were running up and down the hallway and knocking on doors. Finally everyone got to sleep.

The next day we were woken up at 6.45 but everyone in our room was already awake and most girls got ready.  Then we did orienteering, teamwork matrix (low ropes), high ropes and last canoeing. My favourite this day was high ropes and low ropes. I fell off once in high ropes. After canoeing we had dinner.  For dinner this night we had spaghetti bolognese. We then did a fair where you get fake money and you set up a store such as bakery, milk bar, massaging, face painting, hair spray and  tattoos, surf mania and we had run and stack. It was really fun. After that we got told a funny story. We got told the funny story inside because it was too wet to have a campfire. Then it was time to get ready for bed. This night people didn’t play knock and run and ran like a stampede up and down the hallway. We still got to sleep late  about 11.30.

On Friday morning we were woken up at 6.30 to pack our bags but as usual everyone was already awake in our cabin. We had breakfast and set out for the giant swing which was the best activity at camp. You got pulled up by the other people in your group and when you get to the top or as far as you want to go you pull a green ball and you just drop and swing. I went to the top both times. It was really fun. We had morning tea. We next got to go on the rock climbing which was really fun but hard. After that we had lunch, sausage sandwiches. It was now time to go home. I had a really fun time at camp and would go again anytime.